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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Home

How much commission do I pay the Real Estate Agent?

You pay us absolutely nothing when you buy a home. The seller pays our commission, so we are free to you!

How much do inspections cost?

Inspection prices can vary depending on who you use and what are you are in. You can typically find a good home inspector for $400 and a Pest Inspector for around $300. These two inspections are always recommended and of course you can do others like electrical, plumbing, septic and roof.

How do I make my offer more competitive?

Very simple, position yourself to be the very best in every way you can. Come in with a competitive asking price. Lower your inspection contingency to 9 days or less; a good realtor should be able to navigate through this time frame efficiently. Have a clean offer where buyer and seller pay escrow fees 50/50. Write the seller(s) a letter and attach a picture of the buyer(s) to show the seller(s) how bad you want the home. These should position you very nicely in a multiple offer situation.

How do I choose the right realtor?

Choosing the right realtor can be tough. There are a couple things you should look out for. Working with family or friends, working with family or friends can be tough when you don't have a business relationship set up already. More often then not, real estate transactions can be complicated and stressful on some people, the last thing would you would want to happen, is to lose a good friend over some misunderstanding. Another thing you want to know is, how is that realtors knowledge of the local area. They do not need to know every street name and neighborhood by heart, but they do need to know where the market stands in today's economy.